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Fruit growing

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фруктовые деревья.jpg

Deciduous fruit trees

Rahan Meristem Laboratories produce varieties and varieties of various fruit trees, including plums, peaches, nectarines, almonds, apples and pears. Our nurseries grow grafted plants of many types of fruits such as avocados, citrus fruits, persimmons, and non-grafted trees such as olive trees. All our products are made from mother plants that have been tested for viruses and diseases.

Hashabi rootstocks

Rootstocks propagate by tissue culture: Khashabi - rootstock for replanting, promotes rapid growth, mainly planted with a density of 67 plants per dunam. M106 is a semi-sparse rootstock, more restrained than that of Hashabi, suitable for planting with a density of 100 or more plants per dunam. We graft all varieties of apples onto these rootstocks.

Hansen rootstock

Hansen rootstock - suitable for chalky areas. Resistant to nematodes. GF-677 - vigorous stock, promotes reproduction.

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