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Dairy farming

cattle and small ruminants


Livestock monitoring

Livestock monitoring: a growing technology

Market growth can be attributed to an increase in the number of cattle, coupled with the growing adoption of livestock monitoring technology. In addition, these monitoring systems are gaining popularity as there are significant cost savings associated with managing livestock monitoring.

Technologies from mobile devices

Not only does technology not make life difficult, but it also helps manage farms as efficiently as ever, and often even more efficiently, giving farmers more time for other activities, such as spending time with their families, relaxing or strategizing and planning for the future. For all of the most demanding dairy jobs, technology provides simplicity, precision and more freedom to farmers without compromising on profitability.

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Sheep breeding in Israel

Israeli sheep are a type of awasi. After the establishment of the state, sheep breeding was also introduced in the moshavs, and a number of private herds were founded. At first, sheep were raised here only for milk, but over the years, sheep were raised for meat as well. In order to improve the herd, sheep of the Offrisian breed were brought from Germany, and received the name "Assaf". This breed is suitable for both meat and milk.

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