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Technologies in Aquaculture

Fisheries - Maagan Michael agricultural complex in Israel.

RAS shrimp production

Markets are eagerly awaiting fresh local shrimp, but it still takes some market education and time to introduce a new product. Remember that as a local producer you will have to be more creative than traditional producers and large importers. The best option would be to start with a high-end market for your excellent premium shrimp product and then expand on it.

ферма в аравийской пустыне по выращиванию берамонда.jpg

Barramundi in the Negev Desert

An ecological farm in the Negev Desert grows Israeli bermondi, which grows in nature, both in streams and in the sea. They do this in a supervised and unique way and use aquaculture science to create an optimal growing environment. For example, the use of dizzying systems provides significant water savings: “The water consumption of fish farming in conventional agriculture, where water is taken from the sea or source, is 50-60 times more than the water consumption of dizzying systems,” which grows Israeli bermondis in Israel.

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