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Milk processing

cattle and small ruminants

инновоционные технологии пастеризации.jpg

Innovative pasteurization technologies

Our technologies allow you to significantly increase the volume and quality of your products.

Технология производства кисломолочных продуктов.jpg

Fermented milk products production

Reliability  and professionalism is one of the main priorities of the company, because the success of the project depends on it. The production concept is to use the pick and plug method. This method allows you to launch a dairy mini-enterprise in the most difficult field conditions within three hours.

Технология производства кисломолочных продуктов.jpg
Заненская порода коз

Goat milk processing

Among other things, we offer the production of all kinds of savory cheeses and yoghurts from fresh goat milk, the unique quality of which is the extended shelf life and the absence of the characteristic odor of this product.

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