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Greenhouse innovation

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Root technology in greenhouses

By using the ROOT COOLING AND HEATING system, mother plants get optimal conditions and produce more cuttings. This provides a three month growing cycle, which means higher yields and therefore more money in the farmer's pocket.

Hydroponic systems

To become a viable alternative to conventional modern farming, hydroponic farming must face four challenges: 1. The nutritional value of hydroponic products should exceed the nutritional value of conventional products. 2. The production must be environmentally friendly, not emit toxic and pollutants and maintain the health of the soil, the soil is not used at all, so it can be grown by this method anywhere. Pesticides and other biologically active substances should not be present in hydroponic products. 4. It must supply produce equal to or greater than normal or larger agricultural produce, in addition to shortening the growing time.

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Root Zone Temperature

"Root zone temperature is one of the most important parameters for healthy and strong growth." Primarily important plant development takes place in the root zone. Indeed, growers place a lot of emphasis on Integrated Root Zone Management (IRM), which describes the production strategy for the interactions between water, nutrients and substrates that represent the basis on which horticultural management decisions are made.

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